Striking Bronze sculpture of Diana the huntress, with hound. After Edward McCartan 1923

NOW SOLD!   A beautiful Bronze sculpture of Diana the huntress and moon goddess.

This superb sculpture is a high quality copy of the original work on view at the MET Museum, Fifth Avenue, New York. The original piece was sculpted in 1923 by an American artist, Edward McCartan.

The subject.

In Roman mythology, Diana was a daughter of Jupiter and a twin sister of the sun god, Apollo. A maiden goddess, she was associated with forests and the hunt, and artists often depicted her with a bow and arrows, a hound, or stag. As Apollo’s sister, Diana also came to symbolize the moon (and the cycles of fertility); thus, she is often represented with a crescent moon in her hair.

The artist.

Edward Francis McCartan (1879-1947) was best known for his decorative bronzes done in elegant style and very popular in the 1920s. He earned fame for his work made after the archetype of ancient Greek sculptures. His style as well as his work was influenced by the French artist Jean Antoine Houdon.

Dimensions: Height: 33cm, Width: 18cm, Depth: 10cm

Price: 375,00  (inclusive of carriage within the U.K)

For buyers outside the U.K, please contact me for a shipping cost prior to ordering.